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What is an occupational therapist?
An occupational therapist (OT) is a healthcare professional who supports people across the lifespan (birth-end of life) with participating and performing the meaningful and necessary activities that occupy their day and life. These activities range from self-care, home management/chores, education, work, sleep, leisure, and play! Occupational therapists are holistic- We analyze not only how a disability may impact a person’s daily experience, but also consider the environment and the way in which an activity is performed. We are experts at restoring function as well as modifying and adapting activities and the surrounding environment.

Where are you located?
We are located in Stevensville, MT, and provide pediatric and adult occupational therapy services in our clients’ homes and communities in Missoula, Lolo, Florence, Stevensville, Victor, Corvallis, Hamilton, and Darby. 

Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?

Will my occupational therapy services and physical therapy be covered by my health insurance plan?
For Medicare and Medicaid, your services are typically covered at 100% with a medical provider's referral. Please always check with your health insurance provider to see if you have therapy services as a covered benefit.

Why is mobile outpatient therapy a unique service?
We offer the same professional therapy services you receive at a clinic. Some people prefer to have services in their natural environment and home or they may have challenges getting themselves to a clinic. With mobile outpatient services, we are able to bring our services directly to clients. We value offering our professional services in people’s natural environment as it allows us to interact, educate, and train clients and families where they are living and functioning on a day-to-day basis.

Do I have to be homebound to receive your in-home services?

Do I need a medical provider's referral for occupational therapy services?
If you are using your health insurance benefits, then a medical provider's referral (MD, PA, NP) is required.

Can family members and caregivers be present for therapy sessions?
Yes! We encourage it, especially for caregivers. For our pediatric clients, we require an adult family member or caregiver be present.

Where do you provide services?
We provide services in homes, playgrounds, day-care centers, grocery stores, and more! We also provide services at our indoor and outdoor clinics. 

Isn't there a cap for outpatient therapy services with Medicare?
As of 2019, the therapy cap was lifted.

What are cash-based services?
Cash-based services are services that are paid for out-of pocket. Our practice provides cash-based services at a reduced rate (20% reduction) for those who want or need to self-pay. Sometimes our clients have high deductible plans and cash-based services may be a good fit.

How many times a week do you come and for how long?
After your initial evaluation, the therapist will determine how many times per week and how long each session will be.

Would I (or my family member) benefit from occupational therapy services?
If you, your child, your parent, or a close family member is having difficulty performing self-care or home management tasks, struggling at school or on the playground, falling in the home, or at risk for becoming socially isolated give us a call! These are just a few of the concerns we address.

Below are some examples of barriers that we support our clients with in our treatment planning:

-challenges with self-regulation and social-emotional skills

-difficulty with dressing, showering, toileting, grooming/hygiene, and mobility

-challenges with performing home management and chores

-falling in the home/community or having a fear of falling

-fine and gross motor difficulties including clumsiness

-mental health difficulties (anxiety, depression, etc.) that impact participation and performance with daily activities

-declining activity tolerance

-decreased participation with self-care activities

-difficulty performing medication management or financial management

-cognitive difficulties including memory loss, confusion, and executive functioning deficits

-challenges with following activity restrictions or diet restrictions prescribed by your medical provider or registered dietitian

-social isolation

-low vision

-challenges to daily life due to sensory processing, ADHD, ASD, etc.

-challenges with daily life due to dementia

We also support people who need...
-family/caregiver education and training

-wheelchair assessments, fittings, recommendations, training, and referrals to a seating and mobility specialist

-assistive device safety training

-adaptive and durable medical equipment recommendations and training in the home

-chronic disease management

-functional strengthening

-education and training for self-care, medication management, home management, health maintenance, oxygen management in and around the home, and meal preparation

-contracture management recommendations and training

-cognitive screens

-community mobility training

-training for developing healthy daily habits and routines

-social skills education and training for peers/

-development of independent living and self-advocacy skills

-treatment strategies and interventions for the development play skills, self-care skills (dressing, toileting, grooming/hygiene, feeding, sleeping, etc.), fine motor skills (including handwriting), and visual-perceptual skills

-behavior modification

-family/parent education to promote a child's development


Our clients' and community's health and safety is our number one priority!
We are keeping up-to-date with COVID-19's most recent information, recommendations, and requirements from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Health and Human Services in Montana as well as Ravalli County’s and Missoula County’s public health offices.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, please cancel/re-schedule your appointment. 

Ravalli County Public Health Office:

Missoula County Public Health Office:

Department of Health and Human Services in Montana:

The Centers for Disease Control:


Pediatric & Adult Teletherapy Services

Big Sky Mobile Outpatient Therapy offers teletherapy services to our adult and pediatric populations using a HIPAA-compliant video platform. The American Occupational Therapy Association defines telehealth as "the application of evaluative, consultative, preventative, and therapeutic services delivered through information and communication technology."*

We provide live-video and telephone services to our clients who request and are appropriate for telehealth.  Harp OT&W uses telehealth as a delivery model to support our clients with developing skills, integrating assistive technology in daily life, learning adaptive techniques for various daily skills, modifying work & home environments, as well as developing health-promoting habits and routines. 

*AOTA Position Paper-Telehealth in Occupational Therapy

Benefits of Telehealth Services

  • Telehealth offers a HUGE benefit to clients who may otherwise not have access to therapy services. For example, people living in rural areas are able to have access the same excellent rehabilitative and habilitative services as people in urban areas by utilizing teletherapy services. 

  • Clients who have conditions that put them in a high-risk category for complications with COVID-19 are able to access therapy services remotely and in the safest way possible. 

  • Clients are able to avoid safety issues with driving and commuting, especially during a Montana winter, when participating in telehealth services. 


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